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Provide solutions for waste heat recovery and environmental protection equipment of paper ventilation system

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Airtight hood ventilation system

The ventilation system is composed of the core components such as ventilation duct, bag area blower box, paper guide bellows, and paper web stabilizer and so on. It is essential to improve the running speed of the paper machine and enhance the drying capacity of the drying section.

Waste heat recovery system

The air supply and exhaust system of the closed air hood consists of waste heat recovery device, air heat exchanger, axial flow fan, air duct and other equipment.

Air deflector

Air commutator is used to turn the paper machine without contact in the direction of operation. Its special design can meet the requirements of close layout. The operation is based on the principle of air cushion.

Ventilating box in hood

The bellows sends hot air through the nozzle to high-speed hot air to replace saturated moist air in the bag with dry hot air, thus improving the drying efficiency of the drying staff and improving the lateral moisture distribution of the paper web.

Coating hot air drying oven

The newly designed coating hot air drying oven, circulating fan and air heater are built in to completely avoid heat loss and pressure loss of the air duct and make full use of electric energy and heat energy.

Air - wing drying oven

It is designed by applying Bernoulli's principle of fluid mechanics and referring to the characteristics of aircraft wings. It is composed of upper and lower boxes, air inlet pipes, longitudinal air pipes, nozzles and other components.

Air cushion drying oven

I e (SCSF drying oven) is used to dry coated paper and has a very good practical effect. The dryer consists of a lower box and an upper box.

Vapor Yankee hood

The Yankee hood is a drying device that combines contact drying and convection drying of paper pairs. Steam is used as a heat source to heat the air supply inside the hood, which is 4 - 10 times the drying capacity of ordinary drying staff.
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