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Provide solutions for waste heat recovery and environmental protection equipment of paper ventilation system

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Closed air hood
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The closed air hood is a house-like device, which is installed in the dryer section of the paper machine. It is composed of steel structure and thermal insulation layer. The hood body is provided with a roll changing door that facilitates the maintenance of the paper machine roll changing, a movable door for personnel to enter and exit, and a lifting door that facilitates employees to operate the paper machine. Lighting and fire fighting systems are installed in the hood. Blowing boxes and air duct systems in the hood are also provided to improve the convection of moisture in the middle of the dryer. The closed air hood covers the drying staff of the paper machine in a closed environment, so that the moisture and hot gas in the paper sheet evaporated by the drying cylinder are concentrated in the hood without diffusing into the workshop environment, and are collected centrally and discharged through the suction effect of the external
Waste heat recovery equipment
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Waste heat recovery is a kind of equipment placed in the middle of the exhaust duct, which recovers the heat rich in the exhaust air of the air hood through heat exchange between fresh air and exhaust air, and re-sends the heat between drying cylinders in the closed air hood to improve the air fluidity to accelerate the evaporation of water in the paper web, recover the heat energy and reuse it.
Air steering gear
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Air steering gear is a kind of equipment that uses the air flow layer to support the paper web to realize the non-contact transfer and steering of the glued paper web. The air supply is blown out from the air nozzle through the air steering gear and generates a certain pressure. An air cushion layer is formed on the surface of the paper web to lift the paper web and convey it along the arc direction of the steering gear, so that the surface of the paper sheet is not in contact with the equipment, so that the surface quality of the glued wet paper sheet is not affected. Create conditions for delivery to the following drying cabinet.
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