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Air - wing drying oven



Air - wing drying oven

Product description
  It is designed by applying Bernoulli's principle of fluid mechanics and referring to the characteristics of aircraft wings. It is composed of upper and lower boxes, air inlet pipes,       longitudinal air pipes, nozzles and other components. The periphery is covered with 100 mm thick insulating cotton. When the gas enters from the air inlet pipe, it passes through the rectifying device, the splitter plate and the longitudinal air pipe, and then is evenly distributed to a series of nozzles. The high-temperature air flow ejected from the slot shape sweeps across the paper surface at high speed, thus sucking the paper web at a height of about 2 ~ 3 mm from the bottom of the air-wing nozzle box. Meanwhile, the turbulent airflow scours the paper surface and vaporizes the water in it. There is no need for any supporting guide rollers in the whole dryer.
  Air - wing dryers generally adopt a double-sided configuration to facilitate operation and increase drying rate. The length of the air wing nozzle is the same as the width of the dryer to prevent the lateral flow of air flow.
■The horizontal moisture distribution of the paper web is uniform, which will not cause the paper web to swing laterally and will not easily produce wrinkles.
■As the turbulent hot air flow ejected from the air wing nozzle is in the opposite direction to the paper web, the relative speed between the paper web and the air flow is increased, and the friction effect and heat transfer efficiency are enhanced.
■The air flow of the upper or lower air wings can be changed at will without affecting the balance of the force on the paper web, and can still float forward under the action of the air wings on the opposite side when the paper web on either side is closed.
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