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Provide solutions for waste heat recovery and environmental protection equipment of paper ventilation system

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New Environmental



维杰Hunan Weijie New Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hunan weijie environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in new energy, efficient energy saving and new product development, collection of research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales services.
Hunan Weijie New Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. takes “honesty, truth - seeking, innovation, quality and service first" as its enterprise objective and “honesty, truth - seeking, pioneering and innovation, and pursuit of win - win" as its business philosophy, and brings the greatest benefits to its customers through advanced technology, high-quality equipment, favorable prices and complete services! Hunan Weijie New Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is people - oriented, has a high-quality staff and strong technical force, and has developed a series of practical technology and advanced technology equipment with independent intellectual property rights.
We provide you with ventilation system equipment, ventilation system equipment for shopping malls and workshops, paper-making ventilation system equipment, ventilation and waste heat recovery system equipment for enclosed air hood bag areas, various heat exchangers, air heaters, heat exchangers, coating hot air drying systems, various environmental protection system equipment and dust removal system equipment, and undertake the design and manufacture of various mechanical products.
The Company has established a customer-centered and perfect user information feedback system with a brand-new market concept, carefully studied the opinions of users, continuously improved, and won the trust of the majority of users with high-quality products and good after-sales service. Over the past decades, thanks to the love and support of users and friends from all walks of life, through the unremitting efforts of all employees, the Company has broken out a market-oriented path of seeking survival with quality, kept improving, continuously developed and innovated, and established a firm belief in winning with quality, creating brilliant achievements that have grown rapidly year after year.